Who we are

We are a Canadian educational company that specializes in delivering quality online language education. Using qualified Canadian teachers and content developed from the Canadian and U.S curriculum, we deliver measurable progress and visible learning results in our young students.

Our students

Our students come from public and international kindergartens, primary schools and junior highs around the world. The students are all looking for a regular language teacher, and a role model who guides them in their learning journey.

Our teachers

Our teachers are trained and experienced in Canadian primary education. They’ve studied education in post-secondary schools and are either current teachers or future teachers in the classroom.

Our curriculum

Our curriculum is the essence of what we do. We’ve spent years crafting the curriculum to meet the needs of young ESL students. Our content is built from our experiences as teachers!

We offer classes in:
Language Arts

Our team

Our team is built by teachers. Teacher Lucy is experienced in teaching art and cultural studies in the Canadian classroom, and language at an international kindergarten in Beijing. Don, our mentor, is experienced in coaching successful start-ups and has worked in management consulting and product development.